Upcoming Markets:

Nov 11-12: CutiesClub.ca Cozy Market

Dec 1-2: Inglewood Xmas Night Market

Dec 8-10: Market Collective Holiday Series

Dec 9: CutiesClub.ca Christmas Market

Dec 16-17: Tomo Arts Market (YEG)

made with april

I'm Tina and I run 'Made with April' with my rescue pup, April. She doesn't know how to crochet yet but we're working on it. I am a self-taught crochet artist based in Calgary, Alberta (YYC). I love to create flowers and plants to share with people to show appreciation in a form that lasts forever.

Each flower can take 20-45 minutes to create including crochet, assembly, and wrapping. I enjoy sharing my process online via Instagram, Youtube, and Tiktok. Follow my socials below, and watch your flowers come to life in the photos and videos that I post!

Thank you so much for supporting me and my art.